Welcome to 2017!

Hi Archers! Welcome to 2017!  We hope you’ve enjoyed the break and are keen to get back into the swing of things!

Our first shoot of the year is a fortnight away on Sunday the 5th of February.  We’ll be varying the format of the shoots this year based on feedback from members; instead of each shoot being 3D only in the forest there will now be a variety of 3D, paper and novelty shoots throughout the year.  This should keep you on your toes!

Before we can shoot on the 5th, we have a working bee this coming Sunday (January 29th) in order to give the range a very necessary spruce up following the long Christmas hiatus.   As the range hasn’t seen any activity since early December it’s imperative that we get as many hand on deck as possible to bring the grounds up to scratch for the start of the season – so come along, lend a hand and enjoy a free light lunch on the day!

The last several years have seen the facilities at the club come a long way, and we think you’ll agree the recent improvements such as the new clubhouse look fantastic.  The committee has further plans this year to completely overhaul the range’s start line.  The existing awning will be overhauled and extended to cover the entire start line – so there will be no shortage of shade to shoot from!  The areas around the clubhouse and start line will also be paved and landscaped, and new bow holders / seating will be installed.

We’re well on our way to having some of the best club facilities in NSW, but it’s imperative that we get good turnouts to the club’s working bees (where it all comes together).   Many hands make light work on the working bees, and you’re working for the betterment of your own club.  Our entire yearly calendar is now published on the website for your convenience, so where possible please check it out and reserve club event and working bee days on your own calendar throughout the upcoming months.  We’d love to see as many members as possible at each of our events!

In other news the club will be issuing membership cards to members which will help identify you as a HVAC member should you attend another club’s shoot.  The popularity of recent Open Days has seen our membership grow considerably, and in order to help track members your membership card will include a unique number.  Club shoot fees remain at $15 per shoot per member including a light lunch.  In order to clear up some confusion, a fee of $10 has been introduced for those members who like to attend shoot days but not participate in the organised shoot (for example those who like to stay at the range and practice shoot from the start line) – this fee covers the cost of maintaining the range targets and lunch.

We look forward to seeing you all again at the coming events!