Second Night Shoot 2014

Tuesday 22/7/14

21 shooters made an appearance by 6pm, not to be scared off by the earlier showers that cleared for bright skies and warm weather with the fire blazing and well attended too.

It was great to see the Wingham and Taree guys again that made the trip.

Glennys beat hubby karl again???

We were shooting 6 lanes this time, which sped the night up nicely.

There were some great shots over 20 metre, the “Smiley” award (for wayward shooting) was hotly contested, with Peter Gilkes winning with 6 smileys!!!

Scorers Grant and Murray had sharpened their pencils showing no leniency on the night to any shooters.

Glen (the fisherman) Lambo kept everyone entertained with monster fishing stories!!!

Top shooters on the night were:

Nick Peterson
Gary (wingham)
Rod Hailes
Heath Hardcastle