Range and facility building

Refurbished practice range

Above is an image of our practice range taken on 17 January 2012 a couple of days after the first working bee of the year. Everyone had been working frantically for an hour and a half at the working bee when it started to pour. While we didn’t complete all the tasks we had set, quite a lot was done. As you can see from the image the practice range is in tip top condition, freshly mowed with all the targets refurbished.

With the high quality targets and a full range of distances our practice range must be the envy of most other clubs.
The distances are;
5m, 10m, 15m, 20m,25m,30m,35m,40m,45m
70m and 90m Olympic distances
20y, 25y, 30y, 35y, 40y, 45y, 50y.

Merv put in a huge effort and repacked and re-tensioned all targets that needed it. He then refaced them all (replacing 4 dot faces with 5 dot faces) then added clear to read, reusable distance labels. As if this wasn’t enough he then solved a problem whereby the top wooden frame of each target was rapidly deteriorating in the sun and rain by adding rain/sun hats to them all. Top job.

While we’re talking about recent projects I just have to mention the circus trailer (loaded with animals and clowns). Mike and Merv put in many Saturday afternoons with Merv as the “project manager” and Mike as the chief welder /engineer. Alex was present to fix Merv and Mike’s stuff ups. All in all we were very happy with it. Except for the flat tyre it worked perfectly.

3D target trailerCircus trailer


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