Our 2nd Night Shoot

Held Tuesday 30th of July.

19 shooters signed on. We welcomed Mountain View archers, Wingham (as long as they don’t win too often). The night was cool and clear and everyone was keen. Several wayward shots in early rounds cost some shooters dearly.

We shot the 3-D three spot targets for the first half then changed to the Delta indoor heart-lung targets for the remainder. Rod shot the wrong lane once, Paul “Robin Hood” himself and I would broker a “D” loop. There was plenty going on!!

At the end of a very enjoyable evening Rod Owen and Sandor were leading.

The third and last of this night series is on Tuesday 27th of August. Be there for something fun and different. 6 PM start.

There won’t be another night shoot for quite a while, so don’t miss this next one!

What do you think?