Last of Winter Night Shoots

Our final Night Shoot (the last of 3 night series) was held on Tues, 27 Aug 2013. Weather was great – nice and cool.

We had 21 starters and everyone was keen to add to their previous round scores. Owen, Mick, Rod, John Sandor and Tony were the main leaders going into this round.

We shot the Delta heart/lung 3D targets (at 20 mtrs) first, then at the halfway mark, swapped over to the 3 spot 3D indoor targets. A 50 cent size flouro yellow stick on :-) was added to each target outside the ten circle – with a special prize to the most smiley shots. We were worried that no one would get one (being well outside the 10 zone)but we were inundated with shot “Smiley’s”. The award went to Peter Jilg with 5 x Smiley’s!!! (A new nickname? “Smiley”?)

Mountain View archers sent their usual contingent and it was good to see Karl and Glen (Manning bowhunters).

Halfway through the event – boom – no lights – darkness. PANIC!!!
It was quickly sorted out and on we went, lights blazing.

Overall results.

  • 1st – Owen 949
  • 2nd – Rod 915
  • 3rd – Tony 885.
  • Smiley Award – Peter Jilg.
  • Long-distance Award – Carl and Glen
  • Most Visiting Members – Mountain View archers (Wingham)

Grant and Murray make sure the scores were recorded and any dispute resolved. Merv did the presentations and the winter “Nights Series” was concluded.

The general feeling was that these Night Shoots were great, adding something different to our archery. We had good numbers and all had fun over the Series. The lights work quite well. (thanks Peter Jilg) it was good to see other clubs attended and several of our “Youth” boys shoot.
If you missed it – you missed a great time.

We’ll do it again.