Interclub Shoot HVAC AND MVA

Wingham campground

Hastings Valley Archery Club members travelled to the Mountain View Archers Range near Wingham on Saturday 7th July 2012.

A good roll up of 12 of us and 10 of them, for a healthy total of 22 archers.

Most arrived and set up camp by 2pm Sat for a 3pm shoot. The “Black Range” really was challenging and had many going for their “calculators” to decide on distances!!!

A very enjoyable range and a good start to the weekend.

After renewing friendships and an odd ale it was time to tackle the “Genesis Range” before it got dark. A Genesis bow is left at the peg of each shot – you pick it up and shoot it – then leave it and move on to the next. Trouble is out of the 8 shots – two are left handed!!! What a strange feeling(some even stuffed up and shot the left handed right handed!!!) There weren’t to many scores to add up after two rounds, but Geoff Drew proved he did have a childhood!!! and won comfortably.

Darkness soon fell and out came the “Steel Dog” – a 2 foot by 3 foot BBQ plate with a wild dog picture and the 10 zone cut out. It was that dark by then that a lamp was set near it so you could at least see it!!

Several missed the initial 22 meter shot – sparks flew everywhere. Alex and Rob dead heated for the prize money after 5 rounds.

The campfire and feed were excellent with Merv bringing out the guitar and all having a bit of a sing song and a few drinks.

The Sunday morning 15 shot, 2 round, 3D shoot was a beauty with several “open paddock” shots and a very long Bear which tripped most up.

Our club point score made us comfortable winners over the weekend. A big thank you to all who attended – we had a great time – and a big thank you to MVA club – Owen – Rob – Glen and wives and helpers.

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