HVAC Break-in – Appeal for Information

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Hastings Valley Archery Club has suffered a break-in between Sunday 14th and Tuesday 16th of April.

This appears to be a semi-professional job as most nearby TrailCams were knocked off trees and supports then burnt (which involved some knowledge of their location and climbing). 2 cameras remain – the contents of which are currently being analyzed. Thieves have angle-grinded locks off containers and stolen specific equipment. This break-in parallels the one that occurred over the weekend at Macleay Valley Archers (with similar items targeted).

The club’s committee has ascertained that the following items have been stolen:

1x Stihl Whipper Snipper
1x Stihl Blower
1x 4L Jerry Can
1x Wheelbarrow
1x Bale Trolley
1x PSE Compound Bow (photo attached)
1x Darton Trojan Compound Bow (photo attached)
1x New Aldi Camping First Aid Kit
1x Bianco 168F-2 Firefighting Pump

Additional missing equipment is likely to be identified. Police have been informed and fingerprinting of the premises is ongoing. If anyone has any information regarding the break-in, we’d obviously be keen to hear from you (anonymously if desired).

We’re also chasing information regarding a burning Esky (that contained the TrailCams) that occurred by the roadside of Burrawan Forest Drive. If anyone saw the fire or smoldering remains (and possibly has dashcam footage) please let us know. This would help us pinpoint the time of the incident.

Stealing from community organisations is a low act and we’re hopeful the perpetrators can be bought to justice. Club assets are purchased with member’s funds and procured using time volunteered by club members – this theft affects all club members (both directly and indirectly).

Stolen Darton (Camouflage) & PSE (Black) Bows: