First Night Shoot for 2016 was a great success!

Last Saturday night saw the bad weather ease and the first of three scheduled night shoots got underway. By start time we had 30 signed in and ready to go. Several new club members ( Karen, Michelle, Paige ) were eager to give this different form of archery a try. The Wingham boys ( Mountain View Archers ) had Rod, Gary, Owen, Judd, Vikki, Wendy, Troy etc. , all keen to do well. The campfire was raging and once Tony and Peter sorted out “the generator gremlins” there were no problems. We had seven lanes operating , which made for fast turnarounds, and Grant (our ever faithful scorer/scribe) entered into NO conversations ! The 3 spot targets were first up, and there was some fine shooting, with plenty of intergroup rivalry and several “side bets”. The new bales were a hit and made for easy arrow retrieval. At the halfway mark Rod, Nick, Heath, Peter and Owen were all neck and neck. Sausage sandwiches and drinks were downed while Merv and his helpers changed targets to the single heart/lung.

Word was that a certain un-named archer dropped a $50 note under his target in an attempt to “improve his score”, but Grant was heard to say “I don’t bend down for anything under a hundred” !!!!!  The new targets have small 12 and 14 scoring circles (about as big as a 50c piece) and many were aiming only at these, (very hard to hit at 20 metres). If you hit three 14s  out of three you become a member of the “14 CLUB”. Only one shooter from the three events last year did it( Jayden J) but this year we can welcome Vikki (Wingham), Troy (Wingham) and Peter J to the “14 CLUB”……well done !!!

The “LUCKY DOOR” prize was drawn at halftime with Garry taking home a nice “vintage” torch, and was later overheard saying “they could have at least thrown a few batteries in !!”

The 10 rounds soon came to an end, and while the scores were tallied , three names were drawn out for “THE 3D CHALLENGE “, which was a single shot at a cougar part hidden in long grass. Craig S , young Logan and Troy sized it up and gave it their best. Logan and Troy had to have a second shoot off and Troy came out on top of this difficult 27 metre semi dark shot.

Next up to finish the night was Merv’s  “NOVELTY POKER CARD SHOT “. People anxiously lined up for this one arrow, shoot a card shot. Several people got a card (minor values), Geoff D stepped up and nailed a Jack of clubs (“that’s got to be a winner”)…..but…..along comes Peter J, and drills an ACE of Hearts, for the win. A “nice Russian beanie” was a much sought after first prize….well done Peter.

Secret “Mystery Teams” will be announced at the next shoot.

Results of the night were…..   1. Heath H       2. Rod (Wingham)     3. Peter J

It was good to see several stay and have a quiet little drink and talk around the campfire.

Our next night shoot is Saturday 16th July (we stay over / camp that night, then have brekkie Sunday morning, then have a 3d shoot )

All agreed it was a great night and can’t wait till the next one !!!!