Club Improvements 2013

The Club has recently purchased a 40 ft shipping container and through Peter Jilg’s Good work and contacts, had it delivered and installed on proper footings. The 20 ft shipping container has been moved to the rear of the clubhouse, to better service the practice range. The club now has greater room for storage of club targets and equipment. A new water tank has also been installed to be used for fire fighting and general requirements.

The building program is coming along nicely with the club having achieved significant progress in the last few years, which include but not limited to-

  • New Toilet block with Disabled access.
  • New 3D target animals, with additional future acquisitions planned.
  • Full floodlighting for night shoots at the practice range.
  • Purchase of a large water tank and fire fighting pump and gear.
  • Acquisition of 20 sets of hire bows and equipment all on racks.
  • Range of poster style colored animal targets.
  • Purchase of a 40ft shipping container for additional storage.
  • Installation of a brand new kitchen in the clubhouse
  • Purchase of new foam for maintenance of the practice range.
  • Purchase of new ‘high capacity’ generator to power the lighting during night shoots.
  • Installation of new security cameras through out the grounds.

The club is progressing steadily and appreciates all the help that members are willing to readily give. Thank you, Merry Christmas and see you all when we resume in February 2014.