3rd Night Shoot of 2017 Results

Wild winds were worrying (that’s four W’s!) Officials – who held a secret meeting – decided to go ahead with the final night shoot, expecting fewer numbers. Boy, were they surprised when 32 starters signed up! The best previous number was 25.

The winds eased off, and away we went! The generator fired up on the second pull and didn’t stop for 6 hours, which was amazing!

Lots of “New Members” came along to their first night shoot and had heaps of fun – they’ll be back for more.

The Mystery Teams (three in each team) were announced with Vicki, David, and Mike’s “Starry Starry night” probable favourites.

The first five rounds were greeted with much enthusiasm and some excellent shooting. The campfire was raging and keeping everyone warm.

Tony, our new scorer, was a little short on the mortgage payment this month, and so was accepting smaller denomination notes than normal!

New recurve member, Dan, was heard to say “Man, I didn’t think archery was this much fun!”

Our new youth members, Riley, Cohen, Luca, and Oliver, were going great and really enjoyed shooting The Skeleton novelty shot – It looked fabulous with its 3D colours. Broc had the win eventually.

Danny was so impressed with his win of the “Tradies Pack” (his own toolcarry with valve lappers and a “soft” hammer!)

The second half of the night saw some great “14” shooting on the heart/lung targets (Garry F getting it twice!)

The open Mens and Womens class was going to be decided by the last 3 or 4 shots – it was that close – as people were tiring after 20-25 shots.

The 3D Challenge (a five person single shot shootout) between Jake, Gary, Paige, Vicki, and Carly, was supernatural! A black medium boar in the dark forest with a pulsing read light under it – eerie! Carly made a great 11 shot to take it out, just beating Jake.

The Presentation then arrived – The wait for the prizes was finally over.

In the teams – “Into the dark” (Isaah, Brett, Adrian) made a desperate late run but were just pipped.



1st “What’s goin’ on?” Carly, Danny, Gary

2nd “Into the dark” Isaah, Brett, Adrian

3rd “Starry Starry Night” Vicki, Davit, Mike


1st Riley Dark

2nd Oliver Licastro

3rd Paige

Open Series Women:

1st Carly Jones

2nd Vicki Morton

3rd Michelle Lynne

Open Series Men:

1st Gary Former

2nd Isaah Sawyer

3rd Mike Larvin


1st Dan G

2nd David Mc

This series proved more popular than ever and President Peter, and Sec. Merv thanked everyone for their efforts.

The campfire then drew everyone in like “moths to the light” and a few “quiet drinks” were enjoyed.

We had a good number (around a dozen) stay the night for the famed “sleepover” and what went on overnight and in the morning – well, that’s another story!