3rd and Last Night Shoot 2014

Our Final night shoot was held on Tuesday 12th August – a mild clear night. We had 24 shooters – a great roll up – with a great mix of youth and experience. The Wingham and Taree guys were back to continue their good work.

The heart/Lung targets were 1st up (5 rounds with 3 shots per round) Then at half time the 3 spot targets came on. The scores were accumulated from the last two shoots with the top five shooters being very close in scores. However on the night Owen(Wingham) was fading fast with a shoulder injury, Nick(Hastings) was trying to hang on to his narrow lead, and Rod(Wingham) was closing in fast. Glenys was again giving her husband Karl a touch up.

The young boys Lewyn, Adam and Dan were trying hard to beat each other and there were many minor wagers between rounds and rivals!! Robin and Myra were going great but wouldn’t knock back some divine intervention!! Brad(Wingham) and Heath(hastings) were making some fine shots.

Peters smileys (for wayward shots) were adding up fast and Grant(scorer) was his usual unbribeable self (though a few did try), and at one stage uttered his disgust at a low scoring round – he was there to mark Xs, 11s or 10s not 8s or 0s!! Jeff “the Truckie” was heard muttering obseneties about several of his shots. Carly & Bradley(Wingham) were getting the hang of night shooting.

We had a half time break as Tony had cooked up some snags & onions – everyone enjoyed a nice feed and a hot coffee then on we went. Some really close shooting finished off the night with Heath bringing his A game to chase down the leaders.

This night series of 3 shoots has proved to be a very well attended enjoyable addition to our regular Sunday shoots. People seem to enjoy the night time gathering, with a good feed, a warm campfire and a relatively early finish. Thanks to all who attended and we hope to see you next year for more good times!!

Overall Nightshoot Results

1st Outright – Nick Peterson (Hastings)
2nd Outright – Rod Hailes (Wingham)
3rd Outright – Garry (wingham)

Recurve – Glenys (Taree ABA)

Smiley Award – Peter Jilg (Hastings)

Secretary’s Encouragment Award – Nick, Heath, Drew. (the 3 Stooges DVD!!)

Well done to everyone who took part, and thanks to Peter (excavator parts) for the original supply and installation of the light towers and ongoing support.