2nd Night Shoot for 2016 & AGM

An hour before our 6pm start time….it decides to rain.

Lucky for us it was only fine on/off sprinkles. 24 starters fronted up for what has become a good fun night of Archery.

This night was to be a “sleepover” with the AGM after breakfast; the next day. The campfire was roaring and everyone was keen.

Our regular visitors from Wingham were very welcome. Carryover Series leaders were Heath, Rod and Peter.

The 3 disc targets were first up and many 11’s were being scored. Robyn, Myra and Vicki from Wingham were neck ‘n’ neck. At halftime we all had a feed and coffee and watched the 2 x Lucky door prize draws .The prizes were spectacular- beanie, DVD, soft toys etc.

Targets changed, then many of our top archers tried to join ‘The 14 Club” (must shoot 3 consecutive arrows into the 20c sized 14 circle from 20 mtrs).

A very hard club to join !!! Rod H, Gary, Owen and Peter J  (for the new member Danny finally got to grip with the Conditions and was shooting well).

 Nick and Daniel had their recurves singing. Grant (our chief scorer) had several people suggest a visit to “Spec Savers” would be a good investment !!!

At the end of 10 rounds Peter J leads the series, Rod H is a close second and Geoff D is third. The  3D Challenge – five names out of hat – Stuart, Jacob, Justin. Isaah and Kay. A 28mtr Crocodile strapped 2 mtrs high up a tree was a real iffy shot. Everyone got rubber but Isaah was nearest the 11.

Top Trad/Recurve – Stuart P  Top Ladies- Robyn L.

Mystery Teams will be announced at the next Night Shoot. The  ‘Novelty Dice Throw Money Shot” drew the people in.

Roll the dice – if you rolled an “odd number” you’re out. Roll an “even” and you get a shot at the $$$$$. Many left disappointed!!!

But others had a great time!! Argh Lady Luck !!!

For the Sleepover- six bought their swags & enjoyed campfire/music/drinkies/stories which bought about a late finish.


AGM 17/7/16  9.30 am Sunday

Approximately 25 members in attendance. Most current Committee Members were elected unopposed.

Discussion held on acheievments over the past year and future ideas.