2nd Night Shoot of 2017 Results

Saturday 15/7/2017 – Night Shoot

A rainy day cleared at 4pm, to be replaced with clear blue skies and stars.


22 Starters!

Novelty shot – Brett – recurve “dart board” shot.

3D – Carly – Great “dark” shot on the small goat at “some distance”.

Supervisors Tony and Danny had to curtail an illegal use of a stabilizer torch even though Peter pleaded to assist his shot (“But it’s so dark! I’m scared!!”) and he then proceeded to shoot, miss, and lose his arrow.

1st Men – Rod – first and special hat

Lucky Door – Young Jake – Pirates of Madagascar DVD. Then wins Treasure Island DVD

Trad – David – 1st edition of “The Young Forests”. David was very happy to have some quality reading material; although grant tried to intervene, calling out “It could be a first edition! Don’t give it to him!”

Most bullseyes – Mike, shooting his favoured recurve in the Open Class against all the compounds! (He won’t let them live this indiscretion down)

Newbie – Jamie – enjoying the challenge

Youth – Oliver and Luca – 1st time, doing well.

If you have some spare time, Peter would appreciate some help finding some of his arrows!
Danny was heard to say “What’s going on? Sights are supposed to help, aren’t they?”

The Presentation saw many archers rewarded for their fine shooting.

The “Campfire and Coffee” at the end of the night was enjoyed by the many who stayed for a while, enjoying the company, and telling a few stories.

Next and Last night shoot of 2017 is on Saturday, 19th of August.

It is a sleepover, with the club supplying breakfast on Sunday morning.

With a campfire, a sing along, and stories, it doesn’t get much better, does it?

Bring a swag, tent, campervan, etc.